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Certificati Cotton Enhanced
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Dermatologically tested even on sensitive skin
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Delicato e super assorbente, ogni nostro pannolino è realizzato con cellulosa certificata FSC ed è testato dermatologicamente su pelli sensibili.

In questa confezione singola, trovi un numero di pannolini variabile in base alla taglia scelta.

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senso di conforto

Ultra Comfort

Ultrathin and contoured, always free to frolic!

Ultra Safe

Dry and clean even faster with Super absorbent channels

rispetto per ambiente
senso di conforto

Ultra Green

Products with raw materials of natural origin, Cotton Enhanced™ certificates

Why choose Ydù


Environmentally sustainable

All products are made with respect for our planet. This is why there is a photovoltaic field in our facilities for the use of energy from renewable sources. We choose all raw materials carefully, preferring those of natural origin. We do not use water in our production cycle.

fatto su misura


You choose what is best for your children. Create your nappy in a few steps so that it perfectly fits their needs.

Why is the periodic purchase so simple?

You can change the pattern and the size of nappies

You can change your delivery address and cancel the subscription at any time

You choose how often to receive them

Technically Perfect

  • Super-absorbent channels help channel pee, leaving the skin dry and clean
  • Elastic and anatomical closures, gently wrapping children's hips without annoying them
  • Ultra-thin technology for comfort and maximum freedom of movement
  • Breathable TNT on the outside for skin that is always free to breathe
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