Certificati Cotton Enhanced
Ultrathin and contoured
For soft and super soft cuddles
Dermatologically tested even on the most sensitive skin

Ultra Comfort

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Ultrathin and contoured, always free to frolic!
Soft cushion fabric, skin-friendly
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Why are they so special?

with renewable energy

Raw materials
of natural origin

- 40%

Ultra Comfort

Ultrathin and contoured,

always free to frolic!

Ultra Comfort

Ultrasottile e sagomato ideale per sgambettare liberamente

Technically Perfect

  • Super-absorbent channels help channel pee, leaving the skin dry and clean
  • Elastic and anatomical closures, gently wrapping children's hips without annoying them
  • Ultra-thin technology for comfort and maximum freedom of movement
  • Breathable TNT on the outside for skin that is always free to breathe
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